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That taco bell commercial
November 9, 2007

This commercial is annoying as shit. and Lets start the list..

Reasons I hate it:

1. The guy looks like a douche. Just look at that stupid haircut. What a douche.

2. The way he says “always ALWAYS get chili on your nachos bell grande.” WTF is up with that second ALWAYS? Who talks like that? If anybody talked to me that loud when I was sitting right next to him or her, I think i’d get violent. with a rake or other garden tool. It just isn’t called for. Especially when you are dealing with nachos bell grande.

3. In the shorter version, he says “CHYEAH.” That is the ultimate douche bag word, and again it is grounds for violence.

4. The way he pauses, looks at the camera, and smiles after the girl gives him the dog annoys me. You trying to be funny? You look like a grinning cunt.


The only thing this commercial has going for it is the hot chick at the end. I love how she’s all bossy and dominant. Oh baby.


Corporate Phone Support
October 19, 2007

Yeah you knew this topic would be coming sooner or later right? Nothing brightens your fucking day more to know that if you’re having problems, the company of your choice is just a phone call away. Seems like a great idea.. except when everything blows up in your face when you need a simple questioned answered.

Now everyone has bad experiences with support calls, but for some reason I always seem to get the shit end of the stick. Now the following is a little excerpt from one of my calls. This guy was pure moron. Oh and by the way.. this was a rep from Bank of America.

Customer Service Rep: Sir, as a security precaution i’d like to ask you a few questions. Is that alright?

Me: Ok

(So the rep asks me my name and my birthdate and all that normal stuff)

Rep: Ok sir, may I have your address please?

Me: Well its either 222 West St, Dayton, Ohio or 24 Dyar Ave, Cranston, RI. I just moved about a month ago so i’m trying to remember if I had updated my records or not. The reason i’m calling is that I can’t login.. so i’m unable to check.

Rep: I’m sorry sir. As a security precaution to protect our customers, you will need to visit your nearest Bank of America to verify your identity.

Me: …. But i’m sure I gave you the correct address. I’m just unsure which I have registered with the bank. Wouldn’t the rest of my info. suffice?

Rep: Sir you will need to go to your nearest Bank of America (*CLICK*)

Now I was just ticked the fuck off. So I call again and I just gave the new rep 1 of the 2 addresses that I used on my last call. I guessed my address right and passed their security test.. What kind of ass-backwards security system is this?

There are plenty of more calls that I’ve had where reps have f’d me over pretty badly.. and i think in upcoming posts ill quote more calls i’ve had with them. I’d say about 75% of them have been with Bank of America actually…