I’m a college senior named Jay. I write daily about the things that piss me off.

P.S. That is a rare happy moment cause bitches make me say cheese.

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  1. Dude – your site is fucking awesome! I especially like the fucking diagrams. You should have t-boned that fucking douche bag in the Corvette – sent his fucking sorry ass to the morgue.

  2. Thanks for the comment man. Next time, Iā€™m not going to stop if a guy blocks me like that.. too bad I have an old saab and not a hummer/tank

  3. When I had a car, I wished I had a total shitbox so that I could ram into assmonkeys in their BMW’s and laugh at my shitbox car wrecking their pretty car.

  4. Dude, I heart you and your writing about stuff that pisses you off. Kindred fucking spirit, that’s pretty much ALL I write about. Except for that one experiment in positivity which resulted in me laughing at the thought of cankles falling down stairs.

    Oh, and um, I don’t drive, so I can’t continue that conversation there. Sorry. Drivers piss me off.

  5. I so love your writing and matter-of-fact pissed-off-ed-ness…I have a feeling that I’ll find many of your posts to be very relatable; thanks for creating this šŸ™‚

  6. I’m loving your blog. I love what the assole wrote in comment number one too – how great is that guy by the way? Consider me a faithful fan of your writing. It makes me laugh both sober and buzzed, and that says a lot.

  7. Andrea – you’re too fucking kind.

  8. It’s like a fucking love-in in here.

  9. I too enjoy your rants. I think you need to punch more people in the face. You just got rolled kid.

  10. Thanks bronson. I’ll do my best to beat the shit out of anyone that makes me mad.

  11. I love the rage you incorporate…..

    check this out, my mini-version of your blog.


  12. The Maddox influence is noted and appreciated.

  13. You know what is pi55ing ME off is that you don’t blog more. Let’s go….! I copied and forwarded your Canadian Geese blog to some friends who would appreciate the hate you spew. There were about 45 of those nasty b*tches sitting on the lawn when I left work last Friday.

    And Raphie from A Christmas Story with the word C*NT scribbled on his head…genius.

    We love it!

  14. This guy at work is on the phone right now and I just heard him use the, “From a _________ standpoint” phrase……uuugggghhhhhhhhhh!!! He is one who also I always over-hear saying “Think outside the box”. If he weren’t a decent guy I would throw an egg at him over my cube.

  15. hahaha. from my standpoint sucks.. it is ok in certain circumstances but from MY standpoint, its overused!

  16. Dude,
    I’m really enjoying your site. It’s nice to see that I’m not alone in things that piss me off, now maybe I won’t have to wait for George Carlin to release his next HBO special filled with hate-filled banter!

    The World, People, Music, TV, & Government Suck

  17. there you are Pessimist! Nice to put a face to all the pessimism šŸ˜‰ (lame joke of the day)

    For someone so pessimistic, you have a lovely smile (2nd lame joke of the day), but I understand, ’cause I just hate when bitches make me say “cheese”…!!!

  18. Hey Jay. Hope you have a good christmas, and if you don’t have a good christmas, I hope some really annoying stuff happens so you can write about it.


  19. hey thanks abarclaytwelve. I’m waiting for more ideas of things that piss me off. I gotta go check out your blog right now. You have a good christmas too!

  20. Dude…I have to say you are one of the funniest writers ever. Haha, I always get a crack out of what you’ve written, it never gets old. Although…you have not posted in quite a while! :O Well, hope to hear about some recent things you’ve encountered that have certainly pissed you off!
    By the way, your gym post…I agree with it all. Especially with the strange pedophile guy. Haha..


  21. Where have you been dude? Where have you been…

  22. No doubt, where ya been? I need some good hate.

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