Thats right bitches. I’m back I was syncing my gmail mail in outlook and i saw all this shit from wordpress.. that gave me a slight erection and i gained the strength to start writing again.

Ok. So over the past few years ive graduated from college, i’ve gotten a corporate job as a software developer for the military, and i’ve moved to the jersey shore… and i moved again after i got here… but why? let me tell you why.


Thats right bitches. I still know how to use html to post pics on this shit. But anyway. The above picture is the best look a like picture I can find of this lesbian upstairs. She got home from her job as a nurse (a loud ass lesbian nurse) around 11 pm and it was all down hill from there. At about 11:30 her african boyfriend would come over. This was like clockwork. and then all i heard were stomping around and gorilla like noises eminating from above my bedroom until 3 am usually.

But thats not all.

She would have these kids come over. I dont know where they came from but apparently their favorite past time was hammering the floor. cause those fucking kids would hammer the floor for hours and hours. sometimes they would play tag with sledge hammers it seemed as my walls would shake.

This persisted for months before I was like “YO LET ME GET OUT OF HERE LOL” and the manager of my apartment complex agreed and was like “I hate that lady too she always complains about her heat” and i was like “you should just cut it off”.. A long pause followed this statement. Note: When I am angry I tend to write run-on sentences.

And that concludes my entry on loud ass lesbian neighbors and their interracial boyfriends.. and their annoying ass grandkids, great grandkids or adopted grandkids that come over and smash their heads into the floor.


5 Responses

  1. you are living my pain.

    only MY upstairs ingrate bitch be pushing 400lbs and might crash through.

  2. Holy fuck… yes!!!!!! Only a year after you left!!!!!

    This is awesome. Please stay. Please. I beg you.


  3. You’re ALIVE?!?!

  4. Read this when you can… it’s about you.

  5. Good to have you back! here’s my current blog, but I’m considering deleting it and coming back here. I’m sure you’ll notice if anything happens.

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