Awkward moments at college.

I have no idea why, but I’m always getting myself into awkward moments when i’m at college. Here are my favorites…

1. Waiting for class to start – if i’m early to class, I sometimes like to go to these tables with these comfortable chairs and wait a little bit. I usually try to pick a table where no one is, but apparently no one else does that. The awkward thing about these tables is that the chairs face eachother (like i’m on a date) so sometimes random people sit directly across from me. I usually try to think of something to say if its a female, but usually can’t think of anything great.

2. Printing stuff from the computer lab – We have a quota of how many pages we are allowed to print so we usually go up to the lab attendant and say “can you release the print job for YOUR USER NAME HERE” and they do it. Anyway, one time I was in a rush and just went up to her and told her my user name. she said what? and I said it again. She told me she didn’t understand me. I then realized I just went up to her and told her a bunch of random numbers and letters.

3. Leaving class early – One time I was in a class with a friend and I told him I was going to leave as soon as the professor turned his back. So I did, but I ended up kicking a chair as I walked out and everyone looked up at me as I clumsily left the classroom.


15 Responses

  1. hey there you!! guess the fuck who?

  2. I love your use of colour in the pictures. Like the use of red for that person’s hair colour, the purple for the lab attendant and the blue lines that show your pain. But I wonder why you didn’t use red for the last picture? It shows that you really struggle under the stress of college, and it shows your paaaiiinnnn! PAIN!

    I’m just confused as why your college would have tables where people face each other. Is the dean of you college a primary school kid or something, cos that’s what they use to do at my primary school.

  3. joebec – holllllla you are back!

    wendy – i know. I just like to pick colors that stand out. I’m such an artist. I probably should have used red, but I like to be different. It wasn’t that painful though.. blue means embarassment right?

  4. What’s up with the mullets?

  5. You know what my most awkward moment in University was? THE WHOLE DAMN THING!!! Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh. University sucked. And I was only there for one year! Ha!

  6. Your stick-figurey is becoming more and more masterful as time goes on. Love it dude.

  7. Your mom goes to college…

  8. BTW, my favorite is the second picture with the purple lady. She has no arms….YEAAHHHH! Your drawings are the best. However, I hope something REALLY pisses you off soon. I mean really.

  9. cheetah. i know. you love when I get real angry for some reason. nothing has REALLY pissed me off so far. nothing as much as rachel ray or the geese yet.

  10. I love the blue “impact field” of you kicking the chair; fucking awesome 🙂

  11. Your life in college is supposed to be all weird and awkward so you can learn from the experience and be a mature adult. RIGHT!!!! You are hysterical whether all you write about is true or imagination, it is entertaining and I bet a lot if your peers feel exactly the same. Veronica

  12. I love it! I lol, never been to college but can so appreciate an awkward moment- you are hilarious!

  13. These are great. I especially love the awkward “So you go to college here?” Off topic – I once found myself standing next to Julia Roberts on an airplane, waiting for a restroom to open up. Like a total dumbass, I said “So you’re waiting for the bathroom?” She looked at me like I was flaming retarded. It was great. Your story just reminded me of that.

  14. it’s those kind of moments that just make me so glad i didn’t go to college. and NO loser jokes, please *cries*

  15. […] drew pictures with Microsoft Paint, the program I learned my skills on. And his skills were getting better and […]

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