That taco bell commercial

This commercial is annoying as shit. and Lets start the list..

Reasons I hate it:

1. The guy looks like a douche. Just look at that stupid haircut. What a douche.

2. The way he says “always ALWAYS get chili on your nachos bell grande.” WTF is up with that second ALWAYS? Who talks like that? If anybody talked to me that loud when I was sitting right next to him or her, I think i’d get violent. with a rake or other garden tool. It just isn’t called for. Especially when you are dealing with nachos bell grande.

3. In the shorter version, he says “CHYEAH.” That is the ultimate douche bag word, and again it is grounds for violence.

4. The way he pauses, looks at the camera, and smiles after the girl gives him the dog annoys me. You trying to be funny? You look like a grinning cunt.


The only thing this commercial has going for it is the hot chick at the end. I love how she’s all bossy and dominant. Oh baby.


13 Responses

  1. Favourite words: douchebag and douchebaggery. Fucktard and fucktardery. I heart your blog. I also hate small dogs. I want to make slippers out of them. I often tell dogs (as though they could understand) “I am a vegetarian! But I will make an exception for YOU!”

    And do you think maybe the dog is some kind of introverted reference to the fact that Taco Bell meat may as well be fed to dogs? Or made of dogs? It’s just crap.

    Taco Bell has a lot of menu items that would be great if you made them at home with REAL FUCKING FOOD. Taco Bell? Not so much.

    Me? Bossy and dominant. If Taco Bell had balls, I would fucking kick them with my black lace fucking high heeled corporate bitch shoes. Fuck you Taco Bell. Fast and hard, with no lube at all!!!

    Fucking hate Taco Bell. Douchebags.

  2. haha you are one crazy girl. I’d eat taco bell if thats the only option but I’d much rather prefer something else. I just hate the commercial a load no matter what company made it.

  3. I love your blog, man. Really. I want to rock your blog’s world.

    Of course, it’s physically impossible, but your blog is still bitchin’.

  4. are you female or male. if you are female, you may. if you are male, WTF MAN. WTF?!?

  5. I have never seen this commercial.
    Nor have I ever eaten at Taco Bell.
    But if you hate it, I hate it my friend. I’m a pal like that.
    Feel free to thank me absurdly.

  6. I like the phrase smiling cunt. That’s awesome. I hate this commercial too. It’s corny as fuck, and it’s on 24/7. Plus, who needs advice on how to eat nachos?

  7. Food is good, but the commercials have always sucked. I havent seen this one yet, but i cant wait to see how much it can piss someone off hahaha


  8. If someone tried to convince me to do something by using a directive word twice, except only louder the second time (i.e. “ALWAYS), I would either kick them in the balls or punch them in the vagina..whichever was relevant for the given scenario…

  9. Yeah, I’d let that chick boss me around….Right after I punted that dog off the balcony….

    Those nacho things are damn good though…

  10. Ha – I love your response to The Desktop here. Hi-larious. And yeah, I’m not OK with that guys haircut. You know the site “Hottest Girls On Myspace”? Brock Landers sometimes calls lame dudes “Douche whistles.” I think this guy’s a total douchewhistle. Greenmetropolis might like that word too.

  11. Cha, you got it right on the money

  12. sexual trex: Thank you. Ive seen the commercial gradually losing airtime which is a good thing cause its just not funny.

    Loco: believe me, you don’t want to see it. go find it on youtube if you are curious lol

    Romi: I think a punch to the vagina would feel better. Right? it just has to. I think I found myself a new fetish.

    Steve – haha never tried it.. that chick needs more screen time. fuck that douche and that dog needs to be in the nachos bell grande!

    abarclay – Helll yeah he’s a douche whistle. He’s a douche airhorn.

    cuzoogle – CHYEAH!

  13. Oh, about my comment, I meant to say “I respect your blog’s ideals in a strictly platonic manner.” It was a mere typo. The keys are right next to each other.

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