Everybody Loves Raymond

Worst TV Show Ever: Everybody Loves Raymond.

Anytime this show airs, I get the urge to rip my TV out of the wall and launch it out the window. I’m not joking. I can stand maybe 80-90 percent of all TV shows, but Everybody Loves Raymond takes the cake for the most annoying shit on TV. Anyway, lets get on with Top 3 annoying characters of the show!

1. Ray Romano – This nasal talking wimp needs to be beaten with a bat in my garage. His voice is comparable to a dying cat and his jokes could only make a 12 year old laugh. He also appeared on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and left as a total failure. Surpisingly, despite these poor qualities, there are other characters in this show that are far more annoying than Ray.

2. Ray’s bitch and a half wife – I forget her name and I’m too lazy to look It up. All this lady does is complain. “Ray, fix the kitchen sink” “Ray, you need to spend more time with the kids” “Ray, you don’t hug me like you used to”. If I were Ray, I’d tie her to the bed and have my way with her for 8 hours at a time to teach her a lesson.  She just needs to shut the fuck up for 5 minutes per episode.  Oh yeah, that’s right.. her name is Deborah. Bitch.

3.  Robert (Ray’s Oaf Brother) – When Robert isn’t being displayed in the city Zoo’s gorilla cage, he finds his way onto my tv.  His voice registers at a frequency that can vibrate my couch and that pisses me off even more.  He seems to be main source of comedy in the show because of his crazy antics.  In one episode, he borrowed money from Ray and attempted to go to Vegas!  Who does THAT?! What a crazy, funny guy!  I’d like to bash his face in with a shovel to see what that sounds like. 


The kids –  They are in like 2 episodes, but jesus christ they are annoying.  They are always running around the house making all kinds of noise.  I think Deborah should quit bitching to Ray about everything and discipline the kids.  Hell, she should also discipline Robert.

 Overall, I think I’d rather watch the first season of Full House again and again than sit through 5 minutes of Everybody Loves Raymond.


25 Responses

  1. I have never loved Raymond. Nor will I ever. That show is the epitome of why I hate the general population. Because they eat that shit up. And I can’t believe it. It angers me to no end.
    Ray’s brother sounds like Kermit the Frog on steroids and his wife’s hair could not get any more soccer mom if it tried.
    You can see the punchlines a mile away so you have a full minute to dread actually hearing the words come out of their deformed mouths.
    Ugh. I’m with you on this one.

  2. Damn Talea… within 5 minutes of my post you commented. good girl good girl.

    and I like how you noticed the mom’s hair. so typical for a girl to notice something like that, yet its one more thing to hate about the show. nice observation. and yeah.. shows like this say a lot about the general public.

  3. you know I thought I would like this show, but Robert is so disgusting and lame and just so assfuckerish that i almost want to become a lesbian.

  4. have a great weekend darlin!

  5. To be honest I rarely watch the show but you’re probably saying what I say, just in a cruder way.

    However, I do see it as very cliché. It’s that’s typical family thing and I think that’s been overdone so everything is just recycled.

  6. OH MY GOD. I took a picture of your blog because I HAVE ALWAYS THOUGHT THIS ABOUT this show. Seriously. Everyone’s always whining on the show. I can’t stand it.

    I’ve been thinking. I say you compile your short essays into a book because people need to hear these things. I mean, pretty much EVERYONE in America loves this show. Its re-runs are still like #1. I’m not ok with that. Anyhow, think about my suggestion.

  7. abarclay thanks.. you know.. its weird. i was thinking about putting all of these into a book. its weird that we both had that idea…. maybe i should.

  8. I’m a fan of this show. I didn’t watch it when it was actually running, but I enjoy a good re-run every now and then.

  9. sigh

  10. Not to mention that each episode follows the exact same plot, and Ray’s parents are almost as fucktarded as he is. How they got through nine seasons without being canceled, we’ll never know.

  11. Instead of calling it “Everyone Loves Raymond.” They could have called it…”Raymond is a Big Pussy.”

    Shows like this are why women think that they are better than men and they can say anything and we will do it…

    Sorry to disapoint you ladies, but you are second class…It’s ok though, I will still bone you all. 🙂

  12. What the fuck!?…I posted a comment and it didn’t work!!…It was comedy gold too…And it will be lost forever….

    Raymond does suck though…He is one of, if not, the BIGGEST pussy on TV….Makes ALL men look bad…

  13. wow I have been meaning to write a post about how much I hate raymond for some time and then I stumble upon this.

    god bless you.

  14. steve, don’t worry. this is an Everybody Loves Raymond post, your comments don’t need to be good.

  15. No one and I mean NO ONE hates that show more than me. It was based on my life sweartogod. Who thinks this shit is funny? Not me. Stupid show. I hate that show. grumble.

  16. Wow, very very true…Everybody Loves Raymond gets totally annoying. I think the only funny character on that show is the grandpa. everyone else should get hit by a bus and die.


  17. The greatest delight in living in Europe is not having a clue what these North American TV related posts are about. So I can only look at the pic of a stupid looking guy in a polo shirt that is one or two sizes too big for him thinking he is Eminems father or something weird like that and say that he looks like a loser.

    There is a life and world beyond TV.

  18. well paul, even though you have not watched the show, i can confidently tell you that you are exactly right.

  19. It’s funny, I have a re-run of this show on right now in the background as I write this; and no I’m not watching it for entertainment, it just happened to start-up in the background at 1am as I was finishing writing a post, and I was too damn occupied to change the channel…even now though, I can’t change the channel…it’s…mesmerizing, in a very sick way….goddamn that Deborah wife is a whiny-ass bitch…does she think that wearing lots of eye-shadow and cool jeans around the house will make her forget that she’s a stay-at-home mom? Go mop the floors bitch.

    PS: did someone just say there is “a life an world beyond tv?”…loser.

  20. hahaha romi. Deborah needs:

    1. A black eye – that will teach her to run her mouth.
    2. To get on her knees – Ray works hard enough. He could use it.
    3. To mop the floors – thanks romi.

    The grandma is another character that needs to shut up. Her “voice of reason” shit is getting old.

  21. Holy fucking balls Pessimist… we have the same mind! I drew a picture about this for Film Threat some time ago. Fucking WORST SHOW EVER…

    Check it out: http://www.filmthreat.com/blog/?p=475

  22. haha bronson that is some funny shit. I guess great minds think alike. I’m gonna make entries for more tv shows i think.

    Paul, i’d say he looks more like an overgrown ape than eminems father. it is actually a compliment to say he’s human

    Loco, that is true. Since i’m a pessimist I tend not to point out the good things but yeah the grandpa is the one I hate the least 🙂

    cuzoogle – Thanks! thanks for coming by. you should more often. and god bless you too.

    M – Believe me. Between this show, “Yes, dear”, Gilmore Girls, and 7th Heaven.. I would say this show takes the cake. But Gilmore Girls is a close second. very close second. I think i’m going to write an entry on that.

  23. steve, you are the king of giving me ideas for posts on here. We hate pretty much all the same shit.

  24. I do NOT love Raymond.

  25. Holy cr@p I think I am going to pee my pants if I read any more of your blogs!

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