Giant Sunglasses

Seriously, ladies… WTF.

It seems everytime I go anywhere where teenage girls gather(giggity giggity!) I see at least 80% of them wearing giant sunglasses.   Please refer to the above picture.  I’ve been struggling to understand why they do this because I know their eyes are really not that big.

I have to admit it actually pisses me off.  I’ll see them drive by at 88 mph with their chihuahua’s face hanging out the window, and their Gucci bag all over the dashboard, and cell phone all pressed against their face more than it has to be while applying lipstick.. and then BAM they turn around  and I see the giant shades.  That’s when I sort of want to do a James Bond/Die Hard jump from my car to theirs and punch through their windshield.  Those shiny rhinestones on the side have also gotta go cause seriously. wtf.  this isn’t the Pretty Pretty Princess Pageant.

Every time I see a cute girl wearing giant shades, it kills me a little inside


15 Responses

  1. I hate talking to people with ginormos glasses and seeing my reflection in their shades. And just when I start looking at my own teeth, they go wtf and think I’m crazy. Its such a pain. I really wish I could grab the glasses and step on em. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants too.


  2. yeah seriously. if they are going to have the giant mirrors, they should expect that sort of behavior. what a waste of plastic.

  3. I thought they would die down as a fashion trend, but they are still going strong. I see girls wear them all the time, and now so are the guys! UGH!

    Everytime I see them, I just want to punch them out and break their sunglasses in half and go, “Yeah, BITCH!”

    My friends and I call them “Superflies”.

  4. They look like skinny flies with overly sized eyes… in equally overkill coloured clothing. Burn the sunglasses, burn the stores! Or better yet, burn those idiotic ladies by the old fashioned stake!

  5. Oh, I agree. I never realized that the “old lady protecting self from UV rays” look is back in style.

  6. Hmmmmm. I never really thought about this. Maybe these overly skinny, overly layered bug-eyed females are thinking they’ll prevent wrinkles?
    Of course, they’re the same girls that go to tanning beds….
    I dont know.

  7. God I hate those things….Makes me want to punch babies…

    I have a theory that I just made up now….

    Maybe, just maybe they wear these big shades to protect more of their face from facials…

  8. wendy – hahaha thats what i’d do after i punch through their windshields

    virg – I say we burn all 3. fuck that.

    talea – thats a good point. that can be the only logical explanation cause they sure as hell don’t look good in them.

    steve – yeah i wouldn’t be able to give a girl a facial if she was wearing glasses that big, but i’d at least try.

  9. Burn all three? Huzzah! This gives me a valid excuse to burn the Gucci store in the city 😀 Any recruits?

  10. My only concern is not getting dudes on the street too overly stimulated with my smouldering eyes; whether that means giant shades or tiny ones, it doesn’t matter; my only concern is protecting the dudes from my dangerously hot “eye-hottness”…I like to look out for the people 🙂

  11. wow romi… maybe you should change your avatar pic to just your eye. that would be HOT.

  12. I’m def not a fan of those either.

  13. True, the colour of the eye and the eye itself is the window to one’s soul with the capacity to entrance and burn another’s retinas. That, as they might say in this day and age, is “the shit“.

  14. my grandma got some of those giant “cataract surgery” shades with the side visors. I’m thinking of sending them to Nicole Ritchie since she hasn’t found a pair big enough to cover her whole fucking face yet.

  15. joe – i think the world would be better off if she DID cover her whole face with her glasses.

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