Cutting someone off and then slowing down.

Ok, I see this a lot when I drive, and it is probably my biggest pet peeve for lack of cooler words. Now I realize that people are in a rush to go pick up their kids from school, get back from work, and to go get their nails done at the salon with Lisa… so I can understand their need to cut people off (not that I condone it). But why.. WHY… would you slow down after you speed up to get in front of me?!

I notice this the most on the highway. I’ll be cruising along at a pleasant, moderate speed , but it won’t be long before I see a ’91 civic, with a dent in the back, flip its left turn signal on and gradually come into my lane. Of course they apply the brake because thats what normal people do when they get into the left lane right? It is people like this, that I just want to slap in the face with the driving test handbook. I’ve attached a detailed diagram below:

As you can see from the above diagram, it is usually a very bright car with an aftermarket paint job that cuts me off. I figure this occurs naturally and that it happens for the same reason that poisonous snakes are brightly colored. It’s God’s way of warning others that they could strike any time and the result could be deadly. I think Bear Grylls will have to cover this on the next episode of Man vs. Wild.


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